Begin and Find

On the View-Point Home Page you will find a number of ways that you can access the videos.

In this video image bar you will find links to the Meetings that have been recently uploaded to the channel.

You can scroll through the Meetings that feature here via the arrows that appear on the left and right side of the video image bar.

Click on the Meeting that you want to access and you will be taken to the video page for that Meeting.

This video image bar works the same as the ‘Recently Uploaded’ option above.

However, within this video image bar you will find videos featuring the highlights of the season to date - major races, landmark victories, riders' first wins and such like. This will be updated each week so that all of the highlights feature here by the time the season ends.

Once again you can scroll through the highlights that feature here via the arrows that appear on the left and right side of the video image bar.

Here you will find a list of the recent Meetings that have been uploaded. Simply click on the Meeting you require to view all of the videos at the Meeting.

This is where the free-to-view content lives and will give you a taste of the channel.

As videos are watched on View-Point, those that are watched the most become the ‘Most Popular’.

It may be that a video includes a specific horse or rider, or perhaps a funny incident. Whatever the reason, the ‘Most Popular’ facility gives direct access to the videos which other users have watched the most over the past 7-days.

At the top right hand side of the Home Page you will see a number of menu options.

By clicking on this menu option you will be taken to the Meetings page and the 'View By Month' view.

On the Meetings page you will find all of the available videos for the current month, sorted by Meeting date, with the latest Meetings listed first.

You can navigate to a different month by clicking on the month you require in the left-hand side menu, then through the pages for that month via the page number tabs.

For each video the Meeting name, Course name and Meeting date are displayed.

If you are having trouble locating the Meeting you require there are another two options that will help.

1. Click 'sort by meeting': this will list the Meetings, within the month, in alphabetical order by Meeting name;

2. Click 'sort by course': this will list the Meetings, within the month, in alphabetical order by Course.

Clicking on this tab enables you to view the Meetings, sorted by Course in alphabetical order.

You can change your view of this page by using the alphabetical menu (on the left-hand side) and selecting the letter that the course you require begins with.

Once you have found the Meeting that you want to view (and have clicked on that Meeting) you will be taken through to a page that will display all of the available race videos for the Meeting you have selected.

The first race video at the Meeting will appear in the main video panel (at the top of the page) but you can access any of the race videos at the Meeting by clicking on the race you require in the ‘Other races at this meeting’ video image bar below.

In order to give you a quick way of viewing other Meetings (held on the same day as the Meeting you are currently viewing) simply click on the ‘Other meetings on date’ tab and the available Meetings will be displayed.

All of the videos on View-Point are fully integrated into the Results and Form Summary sections of . Wherever you see this icon


simply click to view the video. Over time this will build into a complete Video Form Guide.

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